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Monday, 1 February 2010

My 29th Birthday Message

Today, I turned 29.
I received lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of birthday greetings via various forms of modern communication - but many of those mediums don't allow me to post a long enough message in reply, so here is what I want to say to all my friends who messaged me throughout the day:

Hello all!! Thanks very much for all the birthday messages - this is the first time that I've been able to get to a computer all day (no lie! it was indeed an unusual day for me!) I've had a fabulous day today at the Capcom/Nintendo launch party for Monster Hunter Tri for Wii, popped into the Science Museum to look at the spacecraft exhibits, nipped to Foyles to oggle their programming books and browsed some old retro video game shop/haunts. (Sadly the shops are on their last legs.. :'( ) All in all - it was a day of great fun - defined by my weird geeky tastes. My wife was very patient throughout!!

Tonight, as I go to bed, I brace myself for tomorrow, spent embedded in the sofa with PS3 controller in hand. I shall be playing Dragon Age: Origins and Final Fantasy XI all day. :-) (Then dinner at the in-laws in the evening - yum!)

I am an exceptionally blessed man :-)

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John said...

And over dinner you can help me set up my Dext, you lucky boy! If our wives let us.