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Monday, 21 September 2009

"When somethings lost I want to fight to get it back again.." - Pearl Jam, the Christians and the lost

The new Pearl Jam album 'Backspacer' was released (as far as I'm concerned) yesterday and having pre-ordered it, it arrived on my desk yesterday morning - at which point I promptly ripped it to my Mac and started listening to it on repeat for the rest of the day.

Now, whilst I am already clear with myself that this isn't the greatest Pearl Jam album ever released, something that every Pearl Jam fan has been hoping for for the last ten years with a desire to say "I was there from the start", I am able to say that this is a 'great' album.

Whilst I feel it's too early for a review, my initial hunch is that some songs are just a bit 'meh' whilst others soar into arenas of greatness that their recent albums haven't been able to reach.

One thing I do want to note is their astute observation as to which song should be released as the debut single for the album.

Most popular (read: successful) artists who are associated with large labels have to debate and negotiate with their label as to which single should be released.

Free from the shackles of Sony Epic, new Pearl Jam are able to make such discussions free of corporate pushing.

'The Fixer', the chosen single, is clearly the right choice to be the first single - and I herald Pearl Jam's wisdom at such a decision - it really is 'single worthy'. (I was most disappointed at Metallica's choice of 'The Day that Never Comes' when clearly 'Broken, Beat & Scarred' should have been the first single for 'Death Magnetic'.)

The real reason I wanted to write this post is to mention some great lyrics on the album.

'I'm a lucky man to count on both hands, the ones I love, some folks have just one whilst others they got none.'
'I hide my disappointment 'cos for years I had been hopin' that when she came, she'd be coming just for me.'
'When somethings lost I want to fight to get it back again.'

How is it that such lyrics echo and resonate so well with the audience?
How does one right words that make the heart pang so hard?

Particularly the line of 'fighting to get it back again' rang true, internally my heart nodded with agreement - that is exactly how I feel about it.

But I also understand that I am a total hypocrite. I agree. I do pine for lost things. But do I act on it?

I recently married my Jennifer, and if for some reason I 'lost' her, be assured, I'd fight tooth and nail to get her back again. I'd go to the far parts of the earth to find her. (I'm quite a protective husband I must confess!)

If someone stole from me, if I had been wronged, I would fight to get it back again. (A friend once told me that I had a strong sense of justice - which is one of the finest compliments I had been ever paid.)

How is it then that the Master has been wronged, many are lost and my heart often remains unmoved?

When I think of lost things and fighting to get it back again it's hard to not think of Jesus.

The lost are everywhere, and were everywhere when Jesus walked the earth - imagine the agony of knowing that so many who you love are 'lost' to you, imagine the hard fight of fighting to get them back again? The pain as they turn from you even when you try to pull them to you?

I find that particular fight that The Lord undertook so hard to comprehend! I guess, this idea does make me say 'Thank you Lord!'.

Even when I want to fight to get something back again, I also know, that I don't always succeed.

Jesus has succeeded and is still watching the lost come back to him.

Pearl Jam certainly didn't intend for me to think of Jesus when listening to this song but I'm glad that it did.

If you're a Christian reading this - I know that some of my (few) subscribers are - please pray that I'd have a heart for the lost. To tell them of the faith I have in the accomplishments of the Lord Jesus, achieved at the cross - and to remember that if I can't find the lost and bring them back again, to know that it is the work of the Master and not mine. To also remember that proclaiming the gospel is a work of salvation and judgement. A dividing line.

I guess it would have been too much to hope that a song lyric would encapsulate the gospel.

Thank you for reading this mornings random post. :)

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