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Monday, 21 September 2009

'Tatsunoko vs Capcom' Wii import controls

I recently imported the excellent Capcom beat-em-up game for Wii, 'Tatsunoko vs. Capcom'.

This is a reimagining of sorts for Capcom, as they return to their Vs. series (previously Capcom had made a series of Vs. games with Marvel characters), this time applying a simplistic slant to the control scheme - which suits it's Wii host platform very well.

One of the things I hadn't realised was that there are no distinctive punch and kick buttons like in the other Capcom fighting games.

In TvC there are merely light, medium and hard attack buttons.

I'll save a review of the game for another time but I wanted to post the control scheme for the classic controller, as it isn't obvious from the Japanese 'Options' menu and I thought it might help others who import this great game before it's Western release.

So here it is, the controls for TvC using a Wii Classic Controller (which I would heartily recommend for this game!)

Y - Light attack
X - Medium attack
A - Heavy attack
B - Partner assist
L - ??
R - All three attack buttons
Minus - Taunt
Plus - 'Start' menu

To tag press B and away from your opponent at the same time.
You can also use the R button as a dash button, both forward and back dashes.
Use A and forward or back to throw.

Does anyone know what L is for?

Hope that helps someone out there, if not, it's great for me to keep as reference!

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