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Sunday, 27 September 2009

How should I vote?

I found myself considering matters of a political nature this evening, and after some comments from a friend of mine, I find myself wanting to get more involved with local politics - by involved I mean, at least understanding whats going on.

So, having been one of the voters who picks which party to vote for based on who they like the most out of their leaders, and general media representation of them, I have previously voted for the Liberal Democrats, so I figured that their website was a good place to start.

I have no idea what Lib Dem policies are. All I know is that they aren't Conservative or Labour, and I know that the media have told me that they haven't done a very good job, so irresponsibly, I figure let the Liberal Democrats have a go.

Wanting to know more about Lib Dem policies, I went to their website and tried to read their policy on policing and crime management.

The link returned me to the front page of the news section.

All that was available on the website, I've quoted in my e-mail to the Lib Dems below.

I wonder if I'll get a reply. I genuinely hope so.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am merely a generic citizen who knows not very much about politics and for some strange reason this evening found myself desiring to know what the Liberal Democrats think.

The brief summary of your policy on policing, 'The Liberal Democrats don’t rely on tough talk and gimmicks like the other parties: we focus on solutions that really work to cut crime.' doesn't actually tell me what you (the party) actually think about how policing and crime can be dealt with from a governmental level.

I admit, I haven't taken my vote seriously before - but I'm starting to. I've previously voted for the Liberal Democrats but now I'm starting to wonder why.

I also found that when I wanted to download the pdf file that detailed your policy, the link returned me to the front news page of your website.

Where does a generic citizen, who has no knowledge or understanding of politics find out the information that determines how I cast my vote?

Yours faithfully,

David Springate


Biglen said...

Ever hear back on this comment?

Game-Zone Recreation said...

I saw in your profile that you like the xbox 360 as well. Was wondering if you were looking forward to or going to purchase any of the new games coming out? Seems like there's so many this year, but then again it usually gets this way during the holiday season. Well, it's great to see another blogger with a common interest... hope to keep in touch.

RagingAvatar said...

It occurs to me that I didn't ever post the response I received from the Liberal Democrats.

Expect a post in the next few minutes!