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Monday, 20 July 2009

The one with the new TV stand (a.k.a 'Why my fiancee rocks.')

People who know me are often a little shocked when they come over to the place I live and see the amount of videogame consoles that I own.

I don't have as many as some of the more ardent games collectors out there - but I definately have a sizeable collection.

A couple of years ago I was given my first proper TV stand by my friend Andrew, and it's served me really, really well until now..

Now that my collection has grown too large to fit on said stand.

Dave, my colleague who lives in the same apartment block as me, gave me a SMS on Saturday to say he was going to IKEA for some shopping, and he kindly asked if I wanted anything..

He and I had been eyeing up some TV stands on the ol' interweb at work and he knew the one I wanted :-)

I'm really happy with my IKEA Lack TV stand - it's huge, comfortable houses all the consoles and even has space left over for some more.

The thing that I want to publicly mention is that my fiancee, Jen (who I am now due to marry in less than 6 weeks!) is awesome.

There aren't many women who'd put up with this kind of thing I reckon - and I also don't think that every woman dreams of having their own videogame collection.

Thanks Jen for putting up with my massive, space consuming hobby. :-)

(Ikea Lack TV stand is £35 from your local Ikea.)

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