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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

More pictures of Springate HQ

At the weekend Jen rented a large van, that made a Ford Transit look like a mini, so I could move all my stuff in.

It made the flat look quite different to have all my stuff inside it - so these are pictures for my friends and relatives to see how development of Springate HQ is going :-)

(Pictures are taken using my new Sony Ericsson w580i phone - a replacement for my Nokia 6300 which I stupidly dropped in the toilet on Sunday morning before church. Camera is good, isn't it?)


arevans74 said...

I think the flat looks much better with Jen in it than it would if it was just you!

RagingAvatar said...

Charming! I'll have you know I've kept it nice and tidy thanks!

I guess at least you know it won't be too scary and grimy when you come and stay ;-)