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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Comments on PSP firmware update 5.50

I love my PSP. I take it everywhere with me. I take it on holiday. I take it to work. I take it to the bathroom. I take it to the bathroom when I'm at work. I take it to my fiancee's house. I take it to my fiancee's parent's house.

Let me reiterate. I take it everywhere.

However, the new PSP firmware update has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

New firmware features include:
- the ability to traverse nested folder structures in the directory structure of the device
- internet search from the XMB (the operating system that runs on the PSP when a game isn't being executed)
- trials for Trend Micro's Web Security and Kid Safety
- Information Bar (like the one on PS3) added to the Playstation Network section in the XMB

So, all in all, we have nested folder support (which should have been there in the first place), internet search (which is a minor feature addition at best - and relies upon the name being actually correct on the UMD disc), trials for internet security and kid safety (trials which are probably there to protect Sony from possibility of lawsuit - 'we gave the parents opportunity to protect their children, your honour!') and the PS3 information bar (which is a PR stream at best that doesn't offer any real information to the user, just snippets of sales pitches.)

Besides my comments above I'd like to add:
1. In agreement with a user on the Playstation.Blog - Sony, if you wanted to add some useful information why not add an RSS feed to the Playstation.Blog so that users get some actually helpful and interesting, up-to-date information rather than a sales pitch.

2. Where are my PSP trophies? You can't claim that this is really a portable Playstation if you can't take the general feel of the Playstation experience with you. The same can be said for my friend's list, multiple user support, synchronisation of my bookmarks from my PSP to my PS3.. the list could go on and on.

3. What's the point in providing trial security tools for a web browser that can't actually browse most websites?! Don't get me wrong, I think it's important to protect the kids from inappropriate material but surely that's what the internet parental lock on the device is for?

All in all, I love my PSP. Still.

I play it more than any other gaming device I own. Last night I was up until 1am playing Loco Roco (Jennifer was playing it the other day and that got me thinking I need to get back on it..) whilst even now I have a nagging feeling that I need to continue getting through the quests in Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

But seriously, Sony, pull your socks up. If you want this device to compete against the global dominance of the DS/DSi and iPhone - then you need to start giving us a service/device that can. (sigh)

PS. Any chance of Skype on PS3?