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Monday, 23 March 2009

PSP Skype defeats my connectivity woes

Last night I arrived in San Francisco for this years Game Developer Conference. (GDC)

I found upon my arrival in the US of A, that I had been a forgetful moron and hadn't enabled international roaming on my cellphone contract before leaving England - which means that my mobile phone can't connect to AT&T or T-Mobile whilst I'm here.

This really bothered me. It meant I couldn't contact Jen (the girl who in a few months will become my wife), my Mum and Dad, work colleagues (I'm a little paranoid about getting seperated from them in a foreign country and not being able to reach them)..

So, last night, using my hotel room phone I called Orange's support line and found that obviously there was no-one there - it was about 4am GMT at that point, so I have no idea what I was thinking..

But this morning, when I woke up it was about 2pm GMT.
The problem was, I didn't want to use the hotel room phone and incurr all manner of phone charges for the company because I needed my cell phone to work.

So I called Orange using Skype on my PSP, through the hotel's free WiFi access.

Now, I've never needed to use PSP Skype to make an 'emergency' call like this - but man, it performed wonderfully.

The software even had a built-in keypad during the call so I could select the different functions I needed, you know, 'Press 3 if you are having problems making phone calls..' that kind of thing.

Within 10 minutes, Orange had setup my phone and it automatically connected.

Right now, I am a very happy man, able to now make and receive calls again, free Wifi in my hotel room (as well as a 50inch TV!) and my boss is taking me out for breakfast soon too.

I love my job.

More from GDC as and when. Keep watching.

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