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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Metal Gear Online Reward Shop - Hong Kong Edition

My good friend Carolyn (who I must remember to e-mail..) kindly bought me a copy of 'Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots' (in fact it was the sweeet limited edition version) for my PS3.

Because this is the Hong Kong version, I've had some problems getting to the website to spend my Metal Gear Online reward points.

Tonight, I've finally found it:

Just posting it here in case anyone else has the same bother I've had. Enjoy.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Mirrors Edge - First Impressions

It isn't often that I decide that a game is great enough that it warrants a post on my blog.

I was initially disappointed by the Mirrors Edge demo, that I downloaded from PlayStation Network, decidedly disliking the hand-holding that the demo forced upon me, rather than giving me the option to just get into the action.

Declaring to my housemate that it was rubbish (to my shame I used worse language, I admit) - I found myself returning to it later again that night - drawn to it by it's compelling visual style.

I played the demo a good 4 or 5 times more over the coming fortnight and finally purchased it in GAME's pre-Christmas sale, deal-of-the-week at £25 using some in-store credit I was saving.

Vowing not to play the game until I completed Metal Gear Solid 4, I finally caved in today (Boxing Day) - and whilst my girlfriend slept on the sofa for the afternoon, I was running, jumping and clambering across rooftops.

I wasn't disappointed. To my glee, Mirrors Edge strikes me as a short game - I count that as a great positive, in that too many games are too long these days and I never get a chance to finish them - but in a matter of hours I'd finished the first couple of chapters of the game. (There are eight in total.)

At midnight, I sent my now shattered girlfriend to bed and told her I was returning to Mirrors Edge. It's 3am now and all I did was finish another chapter.

The rest of the time was spent trying to beat time trial scores across the rooftops. I love time trials, especially when a game records your ghosts. I find it so compelling and addictive - judging by the clock as I now head to bed, this was no exception.

It became clear to me that in order to achieve a good time in an area, I needed to execute wall runs, rolls from high jumps and heavily consider the best route.

Finding Mirrors Edge to be an excellent and rewarding game (trophy support added a little something too), I rushed upstairs (when my poor back had had enough of sitting in a wooden dining room chair, hunching my shoulders to play the game) to write this blog entry where it pleases me immensely to heavily recommend Mirrors Edge.

I love it. It's genius - and I can already tell you that once I've completed it, I'll be adding a sequel to my most-wanted list.

Fantastic. Simply fantastic.

(Impressions are based on the Playstation 3 version of Mirrors Edge. Played in SD. No patches were applied.)