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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Stories. Books. Games.

I'm starting to realise that one of the things I really have a passion for in videogames is a great story.

I love a gripping story, something scary, something thrilling, some romance, some action - but ultimately something enthralling, involving and engaging.

Bioware, creators of great Star Wars Xbox RPG games, 'Knights of the Old Republic' and 'KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords' recently released their debut Xbox 360 game, 'Mass Effect'.

Mass Effect is a trilogy on 360 and will, in typical Bioware style, have an amazing story with a great dialog system - so all in all a game made for me. :-)

So when I heard there was a novel to precursor (is that the right use of that word?!) the game I was straight onto Amazon. (Mass Effect: Revelation)

This morning on the way to work I finished the novel and found it to be a great read that got me really excited about the game and told me lots of backstory so that I'd fully understand all that went on before the plot of the game begins.

It was a brilliant and gripping novel and kept me entertained for the last few weeks during my commute to work (my iPod hasn't had much of a look in consequently) but suffered from a week ending - that did serve the purpose of introducing (presumably) the game's villain.

So my new read is 'Black Hawk Down' which was given to me as a present for my last birthday by Monkston - so my aim is to have it dusted off by my next birthday ;-) (Given what I slow reader I am - it's a lofty goal..)

So now I have two stories to be engaged in - I can now start the Mass Effect game and get going on the, apparently classic, 'Black Hawk Down'.

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