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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Recent Cooking Endeavours

Last night I cooked dinner for Laura and often I take photos of these meals because I genuinely feel proud of myself!

I'm not the kind of guy who'll cook for himself for no reason - I need to be cooking for others to be bothered I guess - but I really feel that I outdid myself this time..

For starter we had:

Pear, walnut and whole grain mustard salad with singed Goat's Cheese.
The reason there are two weird dollops of Goat's Cheese is because I over cooked the first batch and it melted so I made more.

The Goat's Cheese is just 100g of cheese rolled in seasoned flour and then fried on either side for 30 seconds.

It. Was. Delicious!! Especially the walnut and mustard combination - I couldn't really see that one working but it was great!

I was a little dubious about Pear because to be honest I think it's a hideous looking fruit - but the flavour has completely sold me - I'll be using Pear again!

Then for main course (oh this really was amazing..):

Chicken with Cambozola cheese inside, wrapped with two sheets of Parma Ham covered in a creamy Parmesan sauce.

This was amazing and I think my greatest cooking achievement yet! (That says it all really :-) I have a long way to go!)

All in all Laura liked it a lot - and I think it'll probably get made again at some point.. :-)

Both of these recipes were taken from the 'Ready Steady Cook: Ten Minute Cookbook' - a new edition is out soon which'll hopefully be just as useful!

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