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Friday, 26 October 2007

Videogame design - where's it going?

It's 22:00 on Friday night - Laura is sleeping on my sofa - we've been watching Heroes and listening to acoustic music.

But now that she's asleep and I want to play some videogames, what are the options?

I mean, for an evening like this - Halo 3 or Final Fantasy XII just won't cut it.

I've finished Ico and Shadow of the Colossus - so don't even try giving me them as options - because whilst I agree they're beautiful and artistic games - that doesn't mean that that art fits all situations.

For example, if I turned off Counting Crows and slammed on some Metallica or Tool - right now, that just wouldn't do - it would kinda kill the mood..

So what game fits? Do videogames really have a wide enough spectrum of emotional response in comparison to other media?

A movie like Lost in Translation might fit this moment but I really can't think of a videogame that would be able to cut it..

Much thinking to do on this topic I feel.

Please, post suggestions in the comments section..

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