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Saturday, 4 August 2007

A genius progression for a band that continues to change

This is taken from my iTunes review of Silverchair's latest album, 'Young Modern':

"Let me be honest. I loved Diorama, Silverchair's last album, before that I loved Neon Ballroom.

I remember buying 'Tomorrow' on single on the day of release - I've been watching this band since the release of their first record.

But this? Young Modern?!

This is Silverchair as Silverchair should be.

Progressive, developing, growing and shaping their music in a structured fashion - I loved Diorama so much that I was actually kind of expecting to be disappointed by this new record.

But this is exactly the progression that I could have hoped the band post-Diorama might have become.

Favourite tracks include: Straight Lines, Waiting all Day, Those Thieving Birds/Strange Behaviour, If you Keep Losing Sleep, Reflections of a Sound etc.

Check this album out - I guarantee you won't regret it. Best album for me, for the last two years even pipping Pearl Jam's eponymous album."

You can listen to the record online at Silverchair's website http://www.chairpage.com.


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