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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Christians in Cyrodill: Moral questions of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

As a Christian gamer, I often end up getting entangled in lots of 'violence in videogames' debates and other equally (yawn) interesting topics.

That isn't what I want to discuss here.


I wonder do I have a reputation of being exceptionally slow at completing/starting videogames?

I yearned for Final Fantasy XII for a long, long time and for some reason have still failed to start it - other, frankly, more fun looking games keep popping up and demanding me to complete them - Gears of War was very 'demanding' so I finished it three times.. :-) (Great times with my friend, Dan 'PhoenixKnight1' Richards..)

Anyway, recently, since my re-purchase of an Xbox 360, I've been playing 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' again.

Whilst, this is a gorgeous, compelling and involving game - because I've gained a lot of the beginning achievement points the beginning of the game was quite hard for me to get through (OT: Is this a downside to the achievement system: 'if you don't get an achievement it's not worth doing'? A discussion for another time perhaps..)

But let me tell you of what happened in Oblivion tonight because this should make all 4 of my readers run out and buy it.. (Monkston, I know you already own it - just play it for goodness sake!)


I had heard from a beggar in the centre of the city that recruiters for the Dark Brotherhood come in the middle of the night to those who murder someone.. that is those who kill anyone who doesn't attack you first.

Now, I know that murder is wrong. I will not condone murder in the real world - but this is a fictional game. We're not talking about people, we're talking about 3D models of people.

I understand that some people find it hard to understand that I don't see a problem in 'killing' something that represents a human being - but you cannot kill that which isn't alive remains my argument.

So, I went to a place where I knew a beggar sleeps every night and waited. I threw fireballs and shot arrows at her - and guards came to her rescue but even after their arrival I continued with my assault - until she died.

After this I went to prison and 'served my time'.

Why'd I do all this? Well, merely because I want to join the 'Dark Brotherhood' so I can see what happens - and also get the achievements..

However, on my way out of prison a strange character handed me a mysterious note describing what appeared to be an invitation to the Thieve's Guild - the guild that was just rumored to exist because it was secret!

Basically, in order to join the thieve's guild, I had to find someone in particular in the city and steal their diary from them whilst the person is asleep.

There's a catch though.. there are two other 'recruits' trying to steal the diary too.


To cut a long story short I got to the apartment and found.. one of the other recruits had got there first!! She had the diary and was leaving the house just as I entered.. so what do I do??

Well, I pick-pocketed her of course.


I can't think of any game where you can do all those things..

I love Oblivion.. TBC

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