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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Why I'm moving back to 360 (or 'Why I've chosen 360 over PS3, again..')

Well, all the major E3 conferences were held yesterday and I remain severely disappointed by all the main exhibitors.

For me, Nintendo don't even factor in - I can't play a great online FPS game as Nintendo's online infrastructure is a joke, lacking modern/basic features such as a unified log-in id, the ability to know what games your friends are playing etc.

Microsoft lacked any new hardware/feature-set announcements and merely showcased all the games they had already announced - there wasn't anything new/ground-breaking for me to see there..

I have no desire for a (frankly gross looking) limited edition Halo 3 360 and the 'Messenger kit' (a keyboard attachment to use messenger on) is old news. (Though I wonder, can I use this to type in FFXI?)

Sony did impress me however.

Their showcase of MGS4, as usual, looked amazing. Phil Harrison showed off 'Home' to be a 3D world incorporating the best features of Xbox 360's dashboard and the arrival of NCSoft's MMORPGs means there's some great games coming to PS3 in future.

But a good E3 showing, does not a great console make, Sony..


These are essentially the reasons why I'm going to go back to 360:

1. I miss Halo.
2. 'Virtua Fighter 5' with achievements? Online matches? Are you kidding?
3. It's a *lot* cheaper than PS3 - and £3.33 per month for a great mature online service is worth it.
4. According to vgchartz.com, 360 has sold over 7 million more units than PS3. Unless PS3 can ship *lots* more units, quickly, game developers will be jumping onto the larger user-base in order to get their game to more gamers. I want a console that gets the good games.
5. My all-time favourite game 'Final Fantasy XI' is playable in HD on 360 and I already own it.

PS3 plus points:
1. I have beta access to PS3 games..
2. The PS3 architecture is infinitely more interesting to me than 360's - though this might prove inconsequential anyway as I can't develop anything on either at the moment..
(EDIT: I've just realised that this, of course, isn't true.. Anyone can make an Xbox 360 game using the XNA development kit.)
3. PS2 backwards compatibility.. Though this is being removed from the latest models and I would have to buy a US PS3 in order to play my US PS2 games. Which means I would have to quickly buy a US 60GB PS3 before the 80GB model is released without the hardware emulation - I can get one for £500. That's a *lot* of money..

My decision to move back to 360 is hampered by the notion that I know I won't get many great RPG games.

However, this is helped by considering this thought, these are some of the PS1/PS2 RPGs I haven't even started:
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Dark Cloud
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy VIII

And anyway, these are the Japanese-style RPGs coming to 360:
Eternal Sonata
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Un-announced Mistwalker-developer 360 MMO
Cry On

And these are other RPGs I like the look of on 360 (some are already released):
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Enchanted Arms
Phantasy Star Universe
Mass Effect


So, the plan is this...

Get a 360. Beat Monkston's butt every chance I can get at 'Gears of War' and enjoy lots of co-op 'Crackdown' action.

Continue with 'Final Fantasy XI' - as if I really have a choice..

Get (J-)RPGs as and when they come available (though I played 'Blue Dragon' yesterday at Monkston's place and thought it rocked - I just had that 'I don't want to get started now - I can't save it!'-feeling).

Enjoy all that 360-media-streaming-goodness of getting videos/photos/music out of my surround sound and TV. (And it has been pretty rubbish not having a DVD player for the last few months..)

Get my Tactical RPG fix on my soon-be-purchased PSP.


So, how are you going to do this David? How are you going to get the money for a 360? Didn't you already sell yours because you couldn't afford it?

Yes, I did sell it - but I can get the money now. Easy. I'll sell my guitar.

UPDATE: Guitar has sold on eBay. Result. Buyer has collected it. Transaction complete.

David / RagingAvatar

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Monkston said...

Welcome home! (Home as in "back amongst your old 360 buddies" not Home as in the new PS3 Network).
Well done on selling the old guitar!
See you on Live!