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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Halo 2 on 360 problems

Xbox 360 was released in Europe on November 2nd 2005 (I checked bbc.co.uk for the date..) but still there are some annoying problems that are waiting to be fixed.

Like these:

See those shadows on the walls and floors? Those shadows that are there where there shouldn't be shadows?

Exactly. Because they shouldn't be there..

This is called 'ghosting' apparently - this where parts of geometry that have been loaded into the game earlier are still effecting the scene, even though they're currently not in use.. Weird.

I wish that Bungie/Microsoft would just come out and say whether this is a 'Halo 2' game issue or a Microsoft Xbox emulator issue - but even then, I really don't care - I just want it fixed!

I see that lots of people on the Xbox.com forums are having this problem - so why isn't it being addressed?

For a game that is supposed to be very important to Microsoft, they're not doing a great job of looking after it..

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