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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Clovien update

As I recently posted, I've restarted Final Fantasy XI again.

I've played the beginning of this game probably 3 times before now, each time starting as a national of the nation of Bastok.

This time however, I decided to mix it up a bit by joining the San D'Orian ranks.

This was probably the best move I could've made..
I'm not overly familiar with the city or it's surrounding areas, so starting as a San D'Orian has given XI a whole new lease of life!

This time around I really have made choices I wouldn't have made before - I decided to play as a WAR for my main job which means fast levelling (at the moment), huge HP and great use of weapons (parrying, shields etc..) but obviously I have no MP so can't cast any spells..

These are the new shots of Clovien and some include his recently purchased armour. I love it!

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