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Saturday, 23 June 2007

I love Gingerbread Men!

I have been wanting to spend some quality time doing geeky things for quite a while now and have found it either hard to find the time or hard to find the energy.

Tonight, Ed Kitchin's wife Jen is away on a church excursion and Ed came over to continue his 'Shadow of The Colossus' epic (see last post) and I am therefore left with my Macbook - which is by no means a bad thing..

Last August I bought 'The Official Blender 2.3 Guide' in an attempt to learn how to use the famously difficult-to-use-at-first 3D modelling program, Blender which is freely available over at Blender.org.

So I made this gingerbread man from the book - I think he's quite cool looking and when I next get chance I'll add bones to him and create a walking animation video..

This is quite a break through for me as it means that I will soon be able to make simple 3D artwork to export and include in my games..

A great portfolio breakthrough!


Here's (almost) the same image - the difference being that it was produced using the Yafray renderer:

And here is a pearl ;-):

And a Yafray version of the pearl..:

3D modelling is *fun*!

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