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Monday, 18 June 2007

Game Review: Killzone (PlayStation 2 NTSC)

Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine in the States once said something along the lines of the fact that Killzone was too ambitious for PS2 - something I heartily agreed with.

True, Killzone does have it's flaws. Character models and weapons are superb - but foliage, walls, colour palette? They all look a little bland, a little simple, a little.. well, unfinished.


Killzone had a *lot* of hype to live up to though didn't it?
Touted as PS2's Halo-beater, the FPS game for PS2 to answer the Xbox-owning critics, to silence their shouts and taunts that ask 'where is PS2's Halo?' - Killzone, I would say, foolishly, was apparently the answer.

Killzone was not designed to be a Halo-beater.
Killzone was not designed to be pitched against a game running on far-superior hardware.

From what I can see, Killzone is a game that was a labour of love for many - a game designed to tell a story and create a believable world - a game that seems ultimately rushed, no doubt as Sony wanted Killzone on the market sooner rather than later.


PlayStation 2's Dual Shock 2 controller can't really stand up to Killzone's fine movement shooting - I fiddled continuously with the analog stick settings in the game's options menu.

The engine couldn't cope with all the extra on-screen objects - trying to pull the data from the disc as fast as it could before the next frame shows, but most of the time, too late.

The dialog and voice acting is poor.

The story, ultimately cheesy and cliched.

But you know what?

I love it.

There. I said it! In your face Killzone-haters! :-)

Killzone's single player mode took a few levels to get up to pace but when it started running - it was sprinting!

My criticism to the level designers at Guerilla Games would be to tell them to give me more of the cooler weapons and vehicles sooner in the game, for a shorter amount of time but give me them more frequently - I spent too much of this game running around with a Helghan rifle when I could have been using a sniper rifle, rocket launcher or something.

Actually, I'll also criticize the one-hit-kill sniper rifle - too easy my friends - if you want to make an FPS, make one - but make it so that the player does the shooting - if I shot someone in the leg in real life, they're not dead straight away - and the game shouldn't respond that way either.

But Killzone's online mode is strangely compelling - I return to it frequently - and the single player game, whilst sometimes a chore, kept me coming back for more and more until it was complete.


If Killzone 2 on PS3 can deal with all that model data, if the level designers work hard at balancing the player's progression in terms of ability and weapon availability, if the game is updated to deal with 'modern' gaming features such as online-co-op with drop-in/drop-out - Killzone 2 will be a truely amazing feat.

But thanks to Killzone PS2's great lastability - Killzone 2's purchase from me is guaranteed. Brilliant.

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