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Saturday, 30 June 2007

FFXI: Will the love affair never end?

Yes, yes, I've restarted Final Fantasy XI.. again.

This is now my third time - and I'm determined to do what I want to do in this game..

My new character, Clovien is WAR 5 currently. He is an Elvaan male and lives in San D'Oria. I've already joined a linkshell - a seemingly good one, nice, small and lively - they guys there are pre-dominantly English which is great - and I'm already trying to start a static for low-level players on Monday nights.

So, if you play FFXI and are on Bahamut, you have a low-level job that you want to get going (we request that you reserve the job for the static because that way no-one rushes ahead..) meet us inside the gate at West Ronfaure at 7pm GMT.

I really have to get far in this game this time..

Oh.. here are the first pictures of Clovien:

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