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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

PS3 Complaints

This is a public post where I want people to post complaints about the PS3.
Anything, and I mean anything about it.

I want UNIQUE complaints so don't repeat something that has already been said - but suggest anything - if you want the PSP to be able to sync it's bookmarks in the web browser with the PS3? Say it. If you don't like the feeling of the Home button on the SIXAXIS, say so! Get it off you chest here.

Oh - and please, keep it clean..



Rob_EP said...

I want compatibility with Sony's MP3 Walkman's, so that I don't have to use SonicStage to transfer music to my MP3 player.

James said...

I hate the fact that RBG output for DVD and Blu-ray still has that stupid green screen!! Get it fixed Sony!!

RagingAvatar said...

A method of copying content from the PS2's hard drive would be good :)

I've got NFL 2K5 replays, SOCOM 3 maps, plenty of other saves and FFXI macros I want to copy over!

Thomas said...

I think refinement is the main problem, the XMB not being viewable in game being the only really major problem I can think of with the OS.

I would also like to see more compatible file formats like avi or whatever, is the thing is supposed to be a multimedia hub, file compatibility is a big thing.

Anonymous said...

heres what i think is a main problem, cant access the xmb in gameplay and not being able to play mp3s in gameplay.

also being able to customize ur background and use ur own avatar

Anonymous said...

basic, word processor,paint program,calendar and reminder accessible from xmb.
some of us dont want linux and different operating systems so a more streamline experience is nicer.

Anonymous said...

1) XMB access in games, and the ability to play custom music
2) More 720p support with blu ray and upscaling
3) More regular updates to the PSN store (The XBL marketplace had about twice as much stuff when it first started)
4) Treat europe the same as Japan and US
5) Hurry up and release Home
6) More information from Sony/devs when a game's delayed etc
7) Admit theres a problem with a large number of fans in PAL consoles, im sure a simple firmware update would fix the fan control, Apple fixed the MacBook fans that had the same problems!

Anonymous said...

1) XMB access in games, and the ability to play custom music
2) More 720p support with blu ray and upscaling
3) More regular updates to the PSN store (The XBL marketplace had about twice as much stuff when it first started)
4) Treat europe the same as Japan and US
5) Hurry up and release Home
6) More information from Sony/devs when a game's delayed etc
7) Admit theres a problem with a large number of fans in PAL consoles, im sure a simple firmware update would fix the fan control, Apple fixed the MacBook fans that had the same problems!

YDL User said...

Faster-than-framebuffer-video in Linux, better still: full access to RSX for full OpenGL 3D goodness...

Anonymous said...

720p bluray output. Where is it exactly?

Anonymous said...

They need to keep the Flash Player plugin in the Webbrowser up to date! Many Flash sites do not work.

A "Windows Media" plugin, to view streamed DRM video on the net.
And wmv-support, obviously.

I know its Microsoft, but they got support for wma, so why not wmv?

I know the developer for the PS3 webbrowser, NetFront, already have such a plug-in for the NetFront browser.


Game said...


XBox suck ass and those owners gets 100% more content then we do, even on what were "Sony" titles. And Micro$haft as evil as they are atleast communicate with there public users.

Singstar PS3? 300+ Song collection available for download according to the game, OK since game release which had 34 songs to start with i belive, there's been two updates taking it to a total of 62 songs.???? 2 months later not a single update FFS.

Same goes for other games too that've had no content updates At All....

Different countries PS3 websites how different content. Americans miss out on some things but get shit loads more updates then anywhere else. Us Australians get sweet F*all, despite being the biggest purchasers of PS3 consoles since release.

Even the Japanese market that is dominated by Wii gets more content.

Gets to the point now i rarely turn on my PS3 except to play Guitar Hero III.

Also screen resolution sucks, half the time text goes off the screen even on my big ass TV, PS2 doesn't suffer the same issue.

Web browser is useless, don't think that info page has changed since release.

What else, controller goes flat every week regardless of whether you use it to play games or not.

NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!!!!!!

zyxses said...

It is an annoying joke. Why SONY ever went with a browser designed for mobile phones is a mystery only SONY can answer.
It constantly freezes; runs out of memory; there is insufficient room for large URLs etc; pages don't display property; FLASH SUPPORT IS PATHETIC.....next to nothing except youtube plays video!
For a "Next Generation", "Multi Media Hub" the PS3 browser is woefully inadequate.
It needs a MAJOR overhaul: flash 9, ajax, more memory etc. etc...the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

So, my name is Mike, On March 4th my PS3 stopped recognizing disks. I called customer support and after a couple of things they told me to try they shipped me a coffin to ship it back in. A.. Coffin came 3 day ground, B… return label was for next day air, C… console shipped back to me 3 day ground. Kinda crappy that they make me wait what seems like forever, but that’s not my complaint. On the 26th I receive my replacement unit.. Now when packing up my coffin I faithfully followed the directions and shipped back power cord, av cables, charge cable, and controller.. but lo and behold when I opened my replacement box.. none of these were there. So hey no biggie, I’ll call customer service and get them to send them, it was their fault, they’ll be quick about it… Nope. First I’m told I’ll have to talk to a tech before anything can be done.. why? But no techs are available then so one will have to call me… why? Finally the 27th of march, I
get past all that and they are pleased to tell me that they’ll send my stuff and to expect everything in 5 to 10 days….. I opened this service request on the 4th.. and now I have 5 to 10 more days to wait.. that’s absolutely rediculous. I’ve been a Sony fan since the 90’s got first playstation, ps2 and psp all on launch dates, have sony stereos in both cars, xplod amps and speakers, sony home stereo, and bravia tv.. and now I suppose a streched anus all from sony. Maybe I’m just an ass.. but I work in customer service, have all my working career, and maybe I just have a higher standard for how complaints should be handled. I contacted customer service today, April 1, officially 5 days since they told me it’d be 5 to 10 for me to receive my cables and controller. I called to ask if there was a tracking number or anything so that I could find out when I needed to be home, since they require someone 21 or older to sign for packages (Sony, not
UPS). I was told that “the situation was still being investigated”. To which I responded, “then contact UPS, they weigh packages before shipping them, and they should easily see the difference in the weight thus proving that less was sent to me than I sent to them”. No dice.. They told me to give them a call back on Friday, officially one month since my first call, and maybe they’d be able to update me on my shipment. I’m getting so frustrated.

rizzo1-2 said...

1st of all i've sent my ps3 back 3 times already. now it stopped reading blu ray discs again for the 4th time. now sony tells me they can't help me unless i pay 150.00. its extortion in my eyes they know there's a problem with the launch day 60gb systems. i dont smoke there's no dust factor. sony can do better for my 600.00 dollars than to say there's nothing we can do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Rampage with a mighty rambling...Sony has.....TOTAL lack of respect for its long & loyal customers....and basically dont realise that what they believe about their prized PS3 product is not the view of Mr public at large...well not in my neighbourhood anyway!
Mike, you are not the only Sony Sicko I have major Sony content including the original PS1, PS2 & now the dreaded PS3!!! Lady fortune smiled on me when I returned our Sony Bravia TV with its ultra sad performance... at least the guys at the shop I returned it too understood that Sony have well & truly had their day. Moving on..Spent hours on the phone to get replacement PS3 after originally purchasing the 60Gig and returning it for money due to fault,did not realise when I purchased another one later in the year it would not have any card readers, making the transfer of music etc. impossible from PS3 to PSP handheld...which I might add was the only facility xcept Guitar HeroIII I was able to use this £350.00 worth of inadequate machinery for!!! Not interested in online gaming or registering my PS3 online so no joy with linking up my PSP handheld either....Have we gone internet BERSERK...Get a life Sony...not everyone wants to be tied to the internet. At least I can link up my PSP handheld to my laptop WITHOUT ANY BOTHER SONY!!!!
OH NO... could not link PS3 up to Sony surround sound either,Oooops No facility there so looks like a tinny little sound will be coming from my guitar!!! and to add insult to injury not one really girlie game has been released or at least not one game that is not full of shooting, stabbing, fighting and mindwarping repetitive stunts..what ever happened to games for adventurers or multi level gaming like croc....Sorry boyz I know u like all this machismo stuff!!! I cant get a grip on it!!! Rah Rah Rah... Anyway....Sony promised me a new
PS3 40Gig after mine breaking down within two weeks of opening....But OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, after five days of waiting....just got in and fired up the beast and guess what it is a reconditioned model which has its previous owners links to websites and network settings & more! I dont even think sony bothered to push the reset button...how f..in low is that...SONY out of 10....F All..

Anonymous said...

ok the ps3 is an amazn system but its online capabilites are half that of xbox360. on xbox you can have a private chat with your friends in the middle of a game, yesterday ps3 had an update and we can do that now to but YOU NEED A WEBCAM! whats the point of that im nt tryin 2 look at my frends while im in the middle of a game.

on xbox you can send voice messages and sometimes text duznt give the full influence you need to get your point across.

on xbox invites to games show up on your screen but on ps3 you have to pause the game to know that and by then its to late they already started a match with someone else.

recently ps3 updated to make it so we can see when the last time someone signed in. i dnt care when they signed in i wanna know when they signed off.

also i want to be able to appear offline...like xbox...sometimes i dnt need evryone knowing im online.

if ps3 fixed all of these problems there would be no reason to buy xbox and way more people would buy ps3 because of the free online play and there would be no reason to buy xbox's, making sony get loads of money and microsoft would get jack.